Helping companies tell their stories from the inside out.  

Our Mission

At Life of Riley Communications we make it our mission to help our clients in all aspects of social media communications, including marketing, photography, website writing, and public relations. We help you showcase your brand so that you can effectively and comfortably create quality content, drive traffic, build a loyal audience, and engage with existing and potential customers. You're guaranteed to discover your brand’s sweet spot after working with our team.

Maria led our social media efforts for a couple of years. During that time, our followers and engagement rose significantly and we solidified a much broader foothold in our market. Maria is passionate about her work and always strives to improve results through creative strategies and attention to detail. She is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone looking to raise the bar on their social media initiatives.
— Jean Simmons, Director of Marketing, OLC

What We've Achieved

  • Built and trained the initial social media team for a Pulitzer Prize winning publisher.

  • Achieved Twitter and Facebook verification for Media client.

  • 80% Facebook Fan Growth per year for 3 consecutive years.

  • Successful training sessions on Twitter and LinkedIn for journalists.

  • Grew and nurtured influencer following and engagement for media client.

  • Designed user-friendly social media reports.

  • Designed monthly newsletter for International non-profit organization.

  • Edited existing medical website

  • Created Social Media training courses for reputable brands.

  • Successful rebranding campaign for small manufacturer, including creating new company name that mirrored the product.

  • Developed successful blog, blogger outreach and network for health and fitness client.

  • Assisted in and trained on best practices for live tweeting events.

  • Produced social media audits for numerous clients that resulted in improved websites and social platforms.

  • Developed multiple websites and provided website management.

Maria is a passionate storyteller with an eye for innovation, which has made her an asset to our social media team at The Christian Science Monitor.
— Christian Science Monitor
Maria is highly competent in the Social Media and Marketing field.
She is very goal-oriented and can achieve milestones with you.
Whether its your business or personal image you want to promote, Maria is great at coaching you through the language of Social Media and showing you how you can bring it to the next level.
— Michael-Ann Rowe, Emmy Award Winning Food & Travel Journalist